Developing your leadership style;

building a culture that embraces change;

facing a significant decision;

feeling under pressure to meet expectations;

unclear about the direction life is taking;

finding balancing work and personal life challenging?

These are typical challenges facing individuals today.  And it can be tricky working them out on your own. That is where coaching can really help in providing you with a thinking partner and the space to reflect.

I work with people to unlock potential. In our coaching sessions I will bring my experience, tools and enthusiasm to support and challenge you. You will be enabled to work through the particular challenges you are facing, to determine where you want to direct your energies and how to maximise your impact.

My working life started in strategy consultancy, the corporate world and an MBA at INSEAD. Starting a family 20 years ago prompted me to rethink my priorities. In particular it reinforced for me the importance of balance, personal relationships and self-esteem.  I developed a particular interest in education and schools. As a result I set up my own company, with a focus on education, innovation and change. I am trained in Co-active Coaching techniques by CTI.

Helena Renfrew Knight

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." 
Marianne Williamson

Get in touch to arrange a

Free, no obligation introductory session to discuss coaching and to try it out on an aspect of your life that you are grappling with
Sample Session
In-depth session to get to know you and your preferred communication style. We will begin to explore your values and what motivates you.
Discovery Session
Series of fortnightly coaching calls over a three month period. We will work together on fulfilling your goals, developing focus and resilience.
One-to-one Coaching

what people say

Helena is a wonderful, uplifting, supportive and motivating coach. She has a really positive and creative approach and has helped me enormously.
Lucy Hocknell
Everybody could use a coach. I didn’t realise how helpful it would be. Helena has helped me figure out things I could not have figured out on my own and I feel stronger and ready to move forward
joanna phillips
I was feeling very stuck. What I didn’t really realise was how interrelated all the strands were that were causing me to feel this stuckness. In the course of our conversation things really began to shift. I feel energised now to forge ahead with purpose.
Rosemary Paget-Crowe
Helena creates a safe and curious space for the coaching relationship and is skilled in asking the powerful questions which enable me to gain a new clarity on important issues, thereby helping me to move forward with more certainty and purpose towards my goals. Helena’s deep expertise as a strategy consultant is particularly useful in the perspectives she can help bring to the most knotty business challenges. I would not hesitate to recommend her
alex oliver
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